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KASHMIR TRAVEL SERVICE and aTeam MJC has announced its Summer Camp towards the extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu & Deosai the central valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. The main purpose of Summer Camp is to promote the tourism & Jeep Safari in this region.
We will move on 4x4 vehicles with 4 participants in each vehicle including driver. This time MJC decided to have the event for 7 days. Trip starts on 24.08.2015 and ends on 30.08.2015.

COST: Rs.25000

Places to Visit:
- Naran
- Babusar Top
- Chilas
- Jaglot
- Skardu
- Satpara Lake
- Shigar Desert
- Shigar Fort
- Kachura Lake
- Khaplu Fort
- Kharphocho Fort
- Sheosar Lake

The main attractions of the event are;

• Departure of the Rally from PC Muzaffarabad
• Night stay at Chilas, Skardu & Deosai
• Bon-fire, BBQ, Movie on Multimedia, Introduction of Members & Participants and much more
• Dunes crossing event of 4x4 vehicles
• Bara Pani Water crossing at Deosai


Kashmir Travel Service. www.kashmirtravelservice.com
Muzaffarabad Heat Street Racing(Official)

Who can participate?
Any person who have 4X4 vehicle and have valid driving license can participate in the event.

Any person who have not 4X4 vehicle also will join this trip.

The event will start from Muzaffarabad to Deosai via Babusar Top and Skardu
can participate in the event arrive before the Event at Muzaffarabad.


Day-1: Meet up at PC Muzaffarabad at 07:00A.M, leave for Chilas via Naran & Babusar Top. Night stay at Chilas

Day-2: Wake up call and leave for Skardu via Jaglot, night stay at Skardu

Day-3: After break fast the convoy will move towards the surroundings of Skardu visiting Katpana Lake, Shangrila and Upper Kachura Lake, night stay at Skardu

Day-4: Wake up call and team will move towards Deosai plains, setup camp near Bara Pani in Deosai, then spend rest of the day exploring Deosai, night stay at Deosai

Day-5: Leave Bara Pani for Sheosar Lake which is in the mid of Deosai plains, setup camp at Sheosar Lake and explore the area, night stay at Sheosar Lake camping

Day-6: Leave Sheosar Lake camp for Chilas via Astore, night stay at Chilas

Day-7: Leave Chilas for Muzaffarabad via Naran.

Registration of the participants:
All the interested people can register them at Kashmir Travel Service. Registration charges includes 3 meals a day, accommodation at Chilas & Skardu, fuel for vehicles. Last date for registration is 10th August 2015.

Criteria for Registration:
• The applicant having 4x4 vehicle will be given priority
• The applicant must have clean background and must not involve in case at court of law


- Quality Food/ Refreshment ( 3 meals a day )
- Accommodation on sharing basis (hotels)
- Basic first aid kit
- Trip Photography


- Tents & Sleeping bags for Camping at Deosai, bring your own tens.
- Medication, evacuation and rescue etc. in emergencies - Personal insurances of clients
- Laundry, beverages & phone calls or other expenses of personal nature
- Extra expenses due to landslidesroad blocks
- Extra expenses due to the acts of nature and political reasons etc.
- Any item not mentioned above

Safety policy:
KASHMIR TRAVEL SERVICE and MJC always recommend to adhere the road safety rule as recommended by the competent authorities of the government.KASHMIR TRAVEL SERVICE and MJC will not be responsible for any loss or damage, road accident caused by or without any mistake or natural hazards.

Vehicle Maintenance:
The vehicles should be well maintained and should have fitness certificate issued by the competent authority.

Off-Road Driving can be a dangerous activity and your standard vehicle insurance will be invalid. The 4x4 circuit is a natural environment and any obstacles can be driven with appropriate training and vehicle.
Participant will receive a safety briefing, a vehicle inspection and be offered professional instruction. As a duty of care we will provide basic driving instruction in the use of gears and brakes for the terrain to be tackled. Recovery when stuck is free, including safe practice advice. Under no circumstance should the participant attempt anything that a participant does not feel qualified or capable of doing in a safe and controlled way.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The participant shall not be indulged in any act reflecting moral or character failing during the activities.

2. Using drugs or found party to drug sale or possession is strictly prohibited. If anyone finds or caught using any kind of drug will be expelled from the trip right away on the spot and the person will not be eligible for any kind of refund.

3.Use of violent behavior including altercation, insinuations of indecent kind, verbal and physical abuse and assault, aggravated behavior, or any other act amounting to unbecoming of member are strictly prohibited.

4. All members would give extra care for the local environmental care .Garbage (tins. Water bottles, wrappers etc) shall be suitably disposed without polluting water sources.

5. The host reserves the right to cancel trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by them. In such a case the registered participants will receive full refund.

6. During the trip, the itineraries may be affected by reasons beyond control of the hosts. In such situation, organizers will not be held responsible in any case.

7. Every humanly possible care will be taken for the safety of members, still each venture can be fraught with endangers of unforeseen natural disasters like avalanches and crevasse falls or any other accidents and sometimes such disasters cannot be ruled out. In any such type of accident during the whole tour, the company, group leader and the tour organizers will not be held responsible in any form.

8. In case of theft, lost or damage to personal belongings during the duration of the trip, organizers will not be held responsible in any case.

9. On adventure trek of this type, weather, local politics, transport or a multitude of other factors beyond the control of organizers can result in a change of itinerary. It is, however, very unlikely that the itinerary would be substantially altered; if alterations are necessary the Leader and Guide will decide what is the best alternative, taking into consideration the best interests of the whole group.

10: Cancellation Policy:
i. 24 HRS or less, 100% cancellation charges does apply.
ii. 48 HRS or less, 100% cancellation charge does apply.
iii. 3 days or more– 50% cancellation charge does apply.
iv. 7 days or more – 30% cancellation charge does apply.

11: In case of refund, Company will make refund within 6 working days.
12: Only the decision of Organizers will be considered as Final.
13. In case any Participant Leave the Group During tour due to any Reason, He/She Will not be eligible for any Refund.

14: The Organizers reserves the right to use event photos for electronic/digital media.

15: Smoking in the transport is strictly prohibited.

16: The Organizers reserves the right to terminate / regret any participant due to indiscipline,
17: Food shall be decided by the management
18: Read the Services not Included Portion Carefully.

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